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How wet AMD differs from dry

Wet AMD is more severe than dry AMD, and can lead to irreversible central vision loss in months or even weeks. It’s less common than dry AMD, accounting for about 10-15% of all cases of macular degeneration. Wet AMD involves the buildup of blood vessels in the deepest layers of the eye that leak fluid or blood, which can then accumulate in the macula, causing irreversible damage. Doctors may use prescription drug, photodynamic, and laser therapy in the treatment of wet AMD.

In some cases, dry macular degeneration can advance and turn into wet macular degeneration. Because progression from dry to wet AMD can occur rapidly, regular checkups are very important. To diagnose AMD, your eye care professional may inspect your retina using a variety of tests at their disposal, and you can also test your vision at home by using an Amsler Grid.

Early detection is key

Since vision lost to AMD can’t be regained, early detection can help ensure that the greatest number of treatment options remain available.

You can help maintain your eye health by visiting your eye care professional regularly, eating a healthy diet, and taking ocular vitamins as recommended.